WBG Update 3

Hello Ladies,

Apologies it has taken so long to send you our next update.

We have been so busy organising, planning and implementing our ideas and goals. What an unbelievable response and reaction to what we have achieved so far.

I’d like to stop for a moment and thank you all for every involvement no matter how small or how substantial.  Your input has allowed the idea I had many months ago to become a reality and grow beyond what I could have ever hoped.

We are making history! We are remembering and celebrating women’s work of the past. We are supporting women and fighting good fights now! We are progressing the rights of women, empowering and encouraging women for the future. I thank each and every one of you for being a part of our history.

We held a Patchwork mop up session on the 25th March in Shadforth. The sections are coming together so beautifully. We are not far from having the whole thing completed, our first project, the community patchwork banner, will soon be done.

We have also held a meeting with Durham Banner Makers to discuss the suggestions put forward for the official silk banner.  We have chosen those to be included and we can not wait to unveil the banner when it is done.

Emma and Lotte from the Banner Makers have done some mock ups of how they see the banner following your input and suggestions, they have managed to capture your passions and ideas so perfectly it is unbelievable. Their ability to portray emotion is unrivaled and it is only since working with them I have begun to see what goes into making a full miners banner and I am even more grateful that they have chosen to become involved but more than that, they are equally as passionate about the project as every one of us.

Following on from our discussion and subsequent poll, we have made a decision on our banner title:

Durham Women’s Collective.

We have started our press for the group and have had publications in The Sunderland Echo, The Northern Echo and have been interviewed for BBC Look North.

If you would like a copy of our press release to send in to your local paper/radio or Tv station please do email us as all press is welcomed.  Also, if you do see or read anything could you send that to us so we can keep a log?

Please keep sharing our just giving page. We need to raise as much money as we can to achieve all the things we want to do.

Any fundraising is welcomed we will be discussing other options for fundraising soon.


Coming Up

On Sat 26th May we will be meeting to.discuss all the input to the patchwork banner.

I would very much like all those groups and individuals involved to come along.  

We are going to be finishing the final stitches and I would love you to be there to see the completion of your hard work.  Not only that, we are going to be asking the groups to talk about your piece and what it means to you. A chance to put on record your involvement.

Please try to get at least 1 member of your group to this meeting.

I look forward to doing more together.

In solidarity

Laura xx



23rd June. Accessory Craft Session. Easington Welfare Hall.

11th July. official unveiling. Redhills Durham 3pm onwards.

14th July. Durham Miners Gala. 8am. Market Square.


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