Laura’s August Update

Hello Ladies,

I am so sorry It has taken me this long to write to you.  There is a LOT to catch up on!

How was Gala Day for you??

I hope it was as amazing and special and memorable for you as it most certainly was for me.  My pride levels went through the roof marching with you all and being part of something that is true history.  We were mentioned in many of the speeches, We got our banner blessed in a highly emotional Cathedral service and best of all the sun shone down on us.  I can’t wait to have you all and many more standing shoulder to shoulder in the 135th Gala!!

And so, after a much needed break, the Women’s Banner Group are back and raring to go.

At this point I would like to pay particular homage to some women who really have given blood, sweat and tears for the cause, The “committee” as they were dubbed!  Lynn Gibson whose organisational skills are unparalleled and whose meticulous planning and unwavering support got me through some crazy times, meeting her has given me a real lifelong friend.  Mary Turner, whose creative knowledge, flair and inspiring ideas created possibly the most beautiful women’s banner ever created. Her ability to get the best creativity out of women, some of whom had never done anything like this, was amazing.  Heather Wood, whose reputation precedes her, whose grit, passion and fighting spirit helped propel the Women’s Banner Group to a much wider audience; with a kind and big heart her involvement and leadership in helping families survive and her unflinching determination to fight for what is right, is the essence of what the Women’s Banner Group is all about.  Samantha Townsend who is the font of all social media knowledge and I am grateful to have had someone to help get our message across.

The Committee”

Of course there is an extended group of wonderful women who stood by me and supported me and I am so thankful to them for that. Lotte, Fleur, Barbara, Fiona, Emma to name a few.

But equally each and every one of you reading this ARE the Women’s Banner Group, are as important and essential as anyone else.  

This year I am so keen to get more and more women involved in planning, organising, bringing ideas and supporting others.  As such we have started a discussion group for everyone to have input. I am excited to hear your ideas and passions.

>>>CLICK HERE<<< to request to join

We aren’t going anywhere, everyone that was on the committee will still be involved in many of the projects and leading some also.  However, now that the group is established and gaining momentum, we are hoping to move to a wider range of women to be leaders, to be supportive, to bring suggestions to us.

If you don’t use Facebook, please always feel free to contact me via email, follow our blog, or follow us on instagram or twitter!

We have a new mission statement, pinned to the home page of our website one I hope everyone involved can get behind.  If you do have a project in mind and it fits in with this mission I am sure we can get behind it in some way.

I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring.

Much Love and Solidarity

Laura xx