International Women’s Day at Redhills

The Women’s Banner Group screened a documentary created by Amber Films about their journey from the groups’ inception to Gala day entitled “Of Whole Heart Cometh Hope” 

The film was incredibly inspiring and many of the members of the audience were pleased to see they appeared in it.  It spoke of collectivism and the amazing achievements that can be made when we work together. 

The film was preceded by emotional and powerful speeches from some of the first members of the Group who helped shape the creative direction and the heart of the group. 

L – R Lynn Gibson, Emily Thornberry, Heather Wood, Laura Daly, Samantha Townsend and Mary Turner larking about in front of the banner

Mary Turner spoke of how we are losing the rights we fought so hard for throughout history and how we are moving backwards not forwards. Heather Wood spoke about powerful women forgotten by history and how we need to remember them.  Samantha Townsend delivered a wonderfully light hearted yet detailed look at how social media plays a powerful part in activism. Lynn Gibson discussed what the group had achieved in their first year and what they hope to achieve this year. 

My speech celebrated all the women who had been involved, and talked about how women should feel proud, how women should be celebrated, empowered and supported. 

I then went on to introduce the guest speaker for the evening Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. 

Emily was visibly affected by the event and quickly threw away her prepared speech declaring it was no longer fit for purpose; choosing instead to speak from the heart.  She echoed the sentiments many of us had made and congratulated the group for what we had achieved.  She spoke at length about the disastrous choices this Tory Government have made, being responsible for unacceptable poverty and destitution of which many women bare the brunt. 

emily thornberry stood on the stage in redhills

The evening ended with a short Q&A in which we heard Emily speak of the woman who inspired her, her mother. It was a rare opportunity to hear such a personal heartfelt story which explained her true devotion to the cause of getting more women in positions to make decisions and to truly help those less fortunate for the good of the many. 

These speeches are still available to see on the Women’s Banner Group’s Facebook Page and will soon be available on their website.  

Of Whole Heart will also soon be available to purchase.