The Big Meeting Documentary PREMIERE

We’re so excited about the premiere of the Big Meeting Film! The Durham Miners Gala is the worlds greatest celebration of community. solidarity and working class culture.

We are so honoured to be part of this film, the filmmakers followed our fledgeling Women’s Banner Group as we marched our community banner surrounded by the women and allies who created it and supported our movement, at the 2018 Durham Miners Gala.

‘The Big Meeting’ will be shown for the first time on Saturday June 22 before it goes on general release in cinemas later this summer.

The 94-minute film explores the meaning of the Gala and follows some of the people who make it such an inspiring event. It also includes contributions from Gala supporters including Dennis Skinner and Jeremy Corbyn.

The premiere, on Saturday 22 June, will feature a panel discussion with director Daniel Draper and some of the stars of the film (TBA).

You can join us too!

Buy tickets here

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