Book nominations re-opened

As many of you know, the idea for the WBG book on Inspirational Women came from our first International Women’s day event in Redhills on March 6th 2018 where we met to discuss potential nominations for the silk banner.  WBG founding member Lotte Shankland suggested as we had collected so many names that we should create a book; so that is where I am at the moment, collating all those nominations.

Speaking with Laura before the Big Meeting we decided we wanted to open the book nominations back up again as many more people have become involved in WBG since we first started this project.  We are hoping to start the publishing process later this year to have it ready for International Women’s day next year, when we will be unveiling our fabulous new silk banner.  If you missed Emily Thornberry MP talking about our book at the Big Meeting last year, click here.

Currently we have chapters on local women, national women and international women, but we would like to have a chapter on women who inspire men

If you have previously submitted a nomination, please feel free to submit another one if you wish.  We ask that in your nomination you write around 100-400 words on why your nomination inspires you, as well as providing a photograph that you have permission to use (it is possible to search on Google under images and select usage rights in the tools and look for images ‘labelled for reuse with modification’, these are all licence free).

In solidarity,


WBG Secretary & Co-Founder

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